Sunday, April 4, 2010

Old News

How many relationships have you seen start out amazing at the beginning, but then as time goes on, they slowly fade into a mundane routine? Where the love which was once new and exciting has become old news? The man pursued the woman's heart, fighting to win it; but after he won it and she said yes, things change. He may stop pursuing and she doesn't strive to allure him. Where she once found joy in discovering ways of serving him, it has now become a list of tasks which she is expected to do. He may think he knows everything about her, and treats her according to what he knows, which may have changed. Fights break out; the drive to know each other better and serve the other person all but disappears. Where the words "I love you" used to be spoken with a depth of emotion, they have now become a way to end a conversation or a phrase which has become habit to say.

This is a concerning sign to most. An indicator that the relationship is in dangerous territory. Those around the couple may be able to see it and express concern and advice. Steps are taken to begin repairing the relationship, fighting for the love and passion which was present at the beginning.

As I think of couples I have seen go through this, my thoughts turn to my own love story. The divine romance I said yes to a few years ago. How many times has my relationship with Jesus done the exact same thing I see in human couples, yet it often doesn't concern me?

Unlike an earthly relationship where this may happen, Jesus is the perfect Husband, and He never stops pursuing me. Whether I am saying "I love you" because I mean it or out of habit, every time He says it, He means it with all of His heart. He hasn't ceased to do things to win my heart. Daily He is asking me to deepen my relationship with Him.

He showed me how true this is just the other day. He woke me at 6:30am. My first reaction was frustration.
I don't have to be up for another hour, why am I awake?
I rolled over to go back to sleep, then I felt Him gently touch me.
I couldn't wait any longer for you to wake up. I want to spend time with you so much.
I was a little surprised. Jesus had woken me up because He wants to spend time with me?
Ok, I'll get up and get my Bible and journal, I guess. Although, I'm not sure I'll be able to stay awake very well.
You don't need to get up, I just want to be with you. Will you let me hold you?
That really surprised me. Physical touch is my love language, but could God really want to show me He loves me through that? He wanted me to just stay in bed and relax in His presence? I had never really heard of anything like this before. I had asked for a divine romance though, and this was definitely romantic.
Yes, please. I would like to spend time with you.
Then I felt His arms wrap around me. I closed my eyes and just rested in His arms. It was just as if a human was holding me, although so much better because my heart was at rest as well. For the rest of the day, I couldn't get the smile off my face. God created me to have physical touch as my love language, and He was willing to communicate with me through that. I said yes a long time ago to a divine romance with Him, but He didn't stop His pursuit of my heart once He had a yes from me. Whether it's through a hug or a flower or a beautifully painted sunset, He is still interested in who I am. I never have to worry that He will start saying "I love you" out of habit. Never will He stop pursuing me. He is the perfect Husband. All I have to do is continue to say yes. With a Husband like that, how can I do anything but strive to know Him, love Him, and serve Him to the best of my ability?

I want to encourage you, if your relationship with Jesus has become mundane, start by looking at how He first pursued your heart through what He did on the Cross. Then take a look at how He asked you individually to be His. Finally, look at how He has continued to pursue your heart. I think you will be surprised and overwhelmed by what He does that is specifically designed to capture your heart. Once you see that, you have a choice to make. Just as with a couple who has realized that their relationship is in dangerous territory, you must decide what you want to do. Jesus has already committed to making this relationship work; His desire is for you. How will you respond? He doesn't want your relationship to be old news, He wants it to be a daily adventure that is better than anything you can imagine. You said yes once, will you say it again and allow Him to transform your relationship into breaking news? Listen for the invitation, say yes, and get ready for the best relationship you've ever had!